777767777 // project_
is the name of this sms performance /action which stands for the numbers pressed on a mobile phone to write the text "sms".
sms performance/action on the night of the 29th of june 2002
at schloss solitude (castle solitude) stuttgart, germany

sms messages were sent to people in and around the castle.
the content of this work explores themes such as

social interaction, the acceptance of technology, observation,
techno-confusion and anonymity.

as a one-off event, invited guests to the castle were asked to fill
out an RSVP-invitation card including their mobile phone numbers.
these numbers were then added to a database located on the net.
in the foyer of the castle a computer terminal was provided which
gave the second possibility for people to participate. their mobile
numbers could then be added directly into the database using
the terminal.

[-_-] fotos of sms' sent
[-_-] illustration

run sequence:

users enter numbers into a flash/php back-end terminal.
// the mobile numbers are then saved directly to the 777767777 server.
// the director application reads in the numbers from the server and formats them for the gateway software.
// the gateway then delievers the sms, rtttl, unicode, flash, logo messanges to the mobile phones.

software used:

macromedia director
// macromedia flash
// php
// MySQL
// visual basic

[-_-] terminal
[-_-] screenshot of the sms artist´s desktop

last update 10.06.02

© melanie wein and steven greenwood