sms_karaoke____ _____________________________________________
visitors of "sms karaoke" send their sms messages/songs to the
sms_ karaoke mobile number. once the installation mobile phone beeps
a computer reads the sms messages from the phone and then proceeds
to add the messages/songs to the song list. these sms messages are then displayed in typical karaoke fashion as song lyrics on the screen.
visitors of the work can then joyfully sing their sms messages aloud.
[-_-] exhibition shots

what is is about_
the sms_karaoke work deals with two seperate mediums namely sms messaging and karaoke.

sms (short message service) is primarly used for private mobile telephone one-to-one communication. karaoke normally is a form of group singing entertainment.

by using the format of karaoke to display sms messages a connection is made to sms text communication and the pop song lyric in karaoke.

the nature of sms communication has something very in commen with the level of communication in the pop song, for example "i love you :)", "where are you", etc.

through the fusion of sms and karaoke we have created an interactive many-to-many communication. furthermore, we have mixed the content of the two into one work.

this piece questions in an ironic fashion the development of text, language and social behaviour through the use of newer technologies.
run sequence_
// sms message sent to installation phone
// phone beeps and so sound triggers the computer to read the
sms messages on the phone.
//messages are then added to a text file on the computer
//old messages are then deleted on phone
//director application then moves forward from demo mode to
karaoke mode, loading in sms texts into quicktime movie
// once karaoke movie has reached end, director application loads
in demo quicktime movie again.
example of some of the sms that have been sent by visitors to the work_
"call me later"
"herzliche Glückwünsche"
"komme gleich wieder"
"Sind wir nicht ein tolles Paar?"
"Du Teufelsbraut und ich Dein Diener..."
"I can't answer right now"
"-) :-)) ;-) :-( :-(( :-p ;o) :'-( :-x :-/ )):-) :-)"
"das Leben geht weiter als wäre man nie dabei gewesen"
"Die lange Nacht der Museen"
"Verpisst euch!"
"guildo hat euch lieb piep piep piep "
© steven greenwood and melanie wein