Self Perception 2005


Using an eyetracker, I tracked my eye movements
as I looked at a picture of myself. I guess that some
of you may find this a rather vain exercise but I really and truelly
just wanted to see/record what I see on/in my own face.
If you can bare this display of self indulgence,
then do read on.


I call these experiments 'self perceptions', a word play
with the classic 'self portrait'. The obvious difference being that
a portrait is very conscious and methodical whereas this is
quasi-unconscious and instantaneous, almost like looking
at a mirror with your thoughts being visualised.


I particularly like this visualisation as it is very analytical.
It breaks down every eye movement (or 'fixation' as it is called)
into the millisecond durations. If you look at the hi-res
image you can see the numbering clearer.


For the technically minded, I have included some images
of the eye tracker with various close-ups.

Tracking myself Checking the tracking

I am using a Tobii eyetracker for these visualisations.
Without raving on too much they are probably the most
accurate eye trackers that I know of.
They allow for head-free movement and have a very
high accuracy rate.

Track status - head turned left Track status - head turned right

Steven Greenwood 2005