eMotion - Mapping Museum Experience - 2008/2009


This project explores behaviour in the art museum.
The museum's architecture, artwork selection, placement
of the artworks and type of art are just a few of the
influencing factors that will be studied by the artists and
scientists taking part in this project.

Project Keywords:
Environmental Psychology, Spatial Awareness, Art Reception,
Social Interaction, Emotional Responsiveness, Usability, Tracking,
Psychological Modelling (Attention, Motivation,
Memory, Decision Making, etc.)

Project Members
Dr. Martin Tröndle - Project Manager
Steven Greenwood - Media Artist
Martin Wiedmer - Institute Head - HGK Basel
Florence Zumbihl - Institute Secretary - HGK Basel
Prof. Sibylle Omlin - Art Theory - HGK Basel
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tschacher - Dept. of Psychotherapy - University Bern
Roland Wäspe - Direktor - Kunstmuseum St.Gallen
Meike Porrmann - Ubisense AG
Andreas Wenger - Innenarchitektur / Szenografie - HGK Basel
Dr. Stéphanie Wintzerith - Besucherforschung
Prof. Dr. Volker Kirchberg - Kunstsoziologie / Kunstrezeption - Universität Lüneburg
Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan - Audiodesign

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